Shining Light Learning and Child Care

Shining Light Learning and Child Care, Herndon, Virginia

I’m a loving and dedicated teacher with more than 13 years of experience. In addition, I am trained in CPR, first aid and Emergency Medication Administration (EMAT). I am happy to be able to offer child care for children ages 3-5 in a safe and nurturing home environment. I bring learning to life through my teaching and am happy to be able to offer a program that is tailored to each child that I work with. At Shining Light Learning I give children the individual attention that they deserve and allow them to learn about and explore the world around them a place where they can truly shine! My services are available to parents and children in Herndon, VA and surrounding areas.   

My Philosophy

Children naturally love learning, exploring, and engaging with the world around them. When they’re given multi-sensory and comprehensive learning experiences with fun, captivating topics, their love for learning is fostered.

I strive to help children reach their fullest potential by assisting them in discovering and building upon their strengths. Also, I provide opportunities that allow them to move steadily through academic milestones. I empower children by satisfying their curiosity and love of learning as well as encourage them to be their authentic selves.

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