Shining Light Learning and Child Care


Here at Shining Light Learning, I truly appreciate all the feedback that I receive. Read the reviews sent by some of my students’ parents to learn more about me and my teaching methods. I serve Herndon, Virginia and the surrounding areas.

Angela communicates with the children in a respectful and genuine way that encourages them to respond to her and willingly engage in classwork with her. Our children have both made strong connections to Angela, and consider her their favorite teacher.

- Elizabeth and Bill Wakefield (2007)

Ms. Angela is very professional and has raised the bar on what we should expect from a teacher

- Anonymous Survey (2012)

She has the personality, experience, and genuine kindness that would appeal to all children and parents.

- Francis Yeh (2012)

Angela has a unique style incorporating a variety of learning tools to make sure the children get the most out of each day. We are continuously impressed by Angela's innovative and creative approach to her lessons. Her classrooms exciting decorations promote the childrens current learning topics and offer parents a look into what the children will be working on or have already accomplished.

- Eric and Marie Traceski (2013)

We have seen great progress in his social and intellectual development. Ms. Angela seems to have made learning great fun for her kids at such an impressionable and energetic age

- Maryam Mostamandi (2016)

Within minutes of meeting Angela, it is apparent that she is very kind and caring. My son was very fond of Angela and always had nice things to say about her. In addition, her teaching techniques were creative, engaging, and effective. I can truly say my son matured and grew more knowledgeable while in her class for a year. He was certainly ready for kindergarten and has had no issues with the adjustment

- Kimberly Trnka (2016)

I feel highly indebted to Ms. Becker. It is a difficult thing to release your young child into another person's care. There is a great amount of trust one must give to a preschool teacher-we want someone who will love our child and treat him/her the way we would at home. In Ms. Becker I found a person who truly did love my child like I do, and who nurtured his spirit and who “got” him. She saw each child as a unique, special soul, and tailored projects and playtime to suit everyone’s personalities and talents.

- Jennie Berman Eng (2016)

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